I think the way I describe her now is that she’s like a guardian angel, even though she’s not heaven-sent. She’s very other-worldly, and she’s been touched by the Gods, so she has healing powers, but she’s also cursed in that she can’t age.”

New still from Gemma Bovery from gemma-arterton.net


Luke Treadaway, Dominic Cooper, Gemma Arterton at Audi International At Guards Polo Club 

Gemma at Audi International At Guards Polo Club, July 26.


"We’re best friends really, so whenever we get a great script through it’s always really exciting and we call each other and talk about it, and send each other pictures from sets, it’s really great.
It’s like having your best friend and your sister doing the exact same thing as you, it’s like a dream really, it’s really great.” - Hannah Arterton


Dominic Cooper, Gemma Arterton, and Eddie Redmayne at Audi International (source)


Gemma Arterton’s promotional shots for the upcoming movie Gemma Bovery.



Eddie Redmayne, Gemma Arterton, Dominic Cooper at Audi Polo Cup

I read a lot of stories, but they’re always in script form, rather than in a novel. And it’s never the same thing.


Gemma Arterton attends the Made In Dagenham launch